Project Onyx

A few months back, Ju-Ju-Be came to us with an intriguing idea of creating a series of small one-shot cinematic pieces that focus heavily on storyline with their product embedded within. The big challenge here was not only coming up with an intriguing story in less than 4 minutes (broken up), but to film each sequence as one take. We were lucky enough to have Jordan on pre-production for a solid story and Tessa & Cole for our amazing lead actors! For more on this project as a whole, check out the interview with Director Trevor Haugen & Model Tessa Barton here: Be sure to click the quality button and watch in 4K 🙂



Believe it or not, this scene took us about 4 hours to finally get the take you see here. In the past, we’ve relied so heavily on the ability to cut, change angle, change focus, re-group, etc that we’ve never had to work with choreographing a scene in it’s entirety without cutting the camera. This was a huge learning experience for us, but luckily we were prepared and up for the task!



The Sony FS7 is an amazing camera, especially given it’s price point! Thanks to it’s 14 stops of dynamic range, we were able to capture everything from the dark shadows in the actor’s pants to the highly stark sun-lit city.



This shot took some definite teamwork all around! Jordan was controlling the physical movement of the camera with the Ronin and walking our actors through the shot while Trevor was controlling the movement of the camera with the wireless thumb controller and controlling focus with the wireless follow focus! We were all just doing our best to hit our marks at the same time, and although it’s not perfect, we think it’s beautiful knowing what was happening behind the scenes!



We were racing against the clock on this one, but luckily Tessa & Cole took amazing direction quickly and really knocked it out of the park! Our favorite part of this is to see the water dripping off their pants at 60fps in 4K!


Click HERE for more!!


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