Behind the Scenes: Episode One

This is the Pilot Episode (Part 1 of 4) of the Jijivisha Behind-the-Scenes Reality Series! If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s REALLY like when we’re out shooting and traveling, or you wanna see what went into producing Jijivisha, you can’t miss this! Directed by Katie Towner, our goal was to produce a real life look at the ups and downs of what we do, and present it in a reality show format, telling the WHOLE STORY instead of just the happy highlights! This is a new frontier for us, so please let us know what you think!! This first episode starts in Bangkok and is shot throughout Thailand. The real questions is…how many places can we get kicked out of in the first episode? Haha! Enjoy!



To see more about the Jijivisha Project, click HERE!

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