Europe Road Rally 2014

A couple months ago we were asked by Kyani to capture a “Road Rally” of around 500 cars that would be traversing Europe to gather in one location, all in one day. Four drones, four cities, and 12 hours to shoot and edit the final video. This was quite the challenge to say the least and we’re excited to share with you the final result here!

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Happy Halloween!! Wow, we’ve done some crazy things for videos, but this year definitely takes the cake. From duck feathers in our mouth to a lost wedding ring, if this one doesn’t demonstrate commitment to the holiday we don’t know what will! And the costume and makeup award goes to.. Hailey Devine! (Mrs Doubtfire leotard? haha) Any ideas for next year?

Creature From Black Lagoon from Haugen Creative on Vimeo.

Peru Service Expedition 2014

Kyäni invited us again this year to document their service expedition through Peru and it was once again a very rewarding experience. Since all of us at Haugen Creative have spent time serving the people of South America in various ways, they definitely hold a special place in our hearts. Our treasure is found in the relationships that we’ve been able to build across the world through experiences like these, and we hope you can see a glimpse of why in this video.

Busan 2014

This event was unlike any other we’ve filmed! It’s kinda like that really weird dream that you try and explain to others but it doesn’t quite make sense… Where are we and what day is it again? Anyway, we’re pretty excited about the final result and wanted to share it with you! Yes, those aerial shots are all with the Phantom 2 and yes, we about peed our pants both flying it in hopes it didn’t dive into a building and/or korean person. We hope you like it!

Kyäni Presidential Retreat 2014: Maldives

We had the opportunity to film on a remote island in the Maldives last month, deep in the Indian Ocean. Shot with the Canon 5D Mk III, Cinevate Atlas, Phantom 2 and GoPro, we had quite a bit to carry from here to there. Getting the “drone” through our stop in Dubai was especially scary, but we surprisingly made it through with all of our limbs still in tact (“why you bring drone?!”). When we left Dubai and flew over the Maldives, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. We hope we’re able to convey a tiny glimpse of the beauty of the island and it’s people with this video…

Kyäni Presidential Retreat 2014: Maldives from Haugen Creative on Vimeo.